2 comments on “Pray We See

  1. I don’t understand the connection between immediate gratification and privacy .. can you please elaborate? If I want to Google a topic, what does it help my privacy to postpone that action to later? What am I missing

    • Andreas – first sorry for the late reply.
      In neurological studies it was found that people will first make a decision and only than will have a sense they came to one. Our perception of “reality” is a story we tell ourselves.
      Combine that with the fact we tent to assign higher values to current objects over further in time objects and you end up with people who think they act correctly in the now, and that their decision mechanism is objective while it is subjective and depend on hidden elements and pre-programmed tendencies (some of which are way before we were humans).

      The best option is to develop awareness to who you are, but this is a task that is too hard for most people at their current state. to assist them, we can insert controls that slow down immediate gratification in order to help the people reach a better decisions.


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